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Essure is a permanent birth control device that is implanted to prevent pregnancy. Designed as an alternative to tubal ligation procedure, Essure is implanted non-surgically into the fallopian tubes. This device is made of a soft, metal, spring-like device wound with synthetic fibers. The metal part of the device has been linked to serious injuries including migration and perforation of the fallopian tubes or uterine wall. Defendant: Bayer Corp.; Bayer Healthcare, LLC; Bayer Essure, Inc.; Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Bayer A.G


  • Injured had Essure device implanted before February 29, 2016
  • Medical treatment was sought from a doctor or hospital for one or more of the following:
    • Confirmed breakage
    • Migration
    • Perforation
    • Constant pelvic/abdominal pain
    • Persistent bleeding
    • Extreme bloating
    • Persistent bleeding
    • Cramping when not menstruating
    • Migraines (with no prior history)
    • Unintended pregnancy with a live birth and baby is injured
    • Still birth
    • Late term miscarriage